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Volume I, Episode 35
October 9, 2007
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TRANSCRIPT: Chinese stock markets continue to reach new records, big new China infrastructure IPOs, hints at iron and steel consolidation, and the Russia-China Siberian Pacific Oil Pipeline moves forward...
Sinomania! Volume I Webisode 35, October 9, 2007

Big Markets Get Bigger!
Big Changes for Iron & Steel!
More Big IPOs!
And Big Oil Gets A Pipeline!


The rally continues on Chinese markets as records are smashed with no end in sight. The Shanghai Composite Index was up two and a half percent on Monday to a new record high closing at 5,692.755 and is just a hair under 5,700 as we speak. The CSI 300 index reached yet another record as well closing October 8 at 5,653. Shanghai B shares inched their way to a new record high of 368.485 on Monday although ShenZhen Bs suffered a slight dip. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index is down a fraction but remains well above 27,000.

In macro news, China's National Bureau of Statistics revealed that retail sales were up almost 17 percent year-on-year during the week long National Day holiday with close to $47 billion US dollars worth of consumer spending. It was a big week for tourism as millions traveled around China. 363 million people traveled by road up almost ten percent from 2006 and far exceeding air and railway traffic both also up double digits. This is an interesting trend and gives a signal to future growth as China rushes to complete its version of the US interstate highway system. Think gas stations, convenience stores, and motels for future investing opportunities.


The big talk so far this week is the IPO of China Digital TV that debuted at $16 dollars on the New York Stock Exchange last Friday under symbol STV. The stock gained 75 percent on its first day and closed October 8 at $39.49, a gain of almost 11 and a half percent from Friday! Of course some success is expected when your stock is featured on the front page of the Investor's Business Daily and the online Motley Fool.

Alibaba, the big Chinese e-commerce portal partly owned by Yahoo! got approval from the Hong Kong exchange for its IPO, expectations are it will raise up to $1 billion US dollars and be the biggest Chinese Internet play of the year.

Despite Chinese regulators uncertainty about Hong Kong listings over domestic listings or vice versa, three big infrastructure plays are in the works for the Hong Kong exchanges:

Beijing based China Railway Engineering Group, China's largest construction company, ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the top 10 engineering and construction firms in the world with 2006 revenues close to $19 billion US dollars, is planning an IPO on Hong Kong that could raise $2 billion US dollars. The move is going ahead despite reports last week that Chinese regulators prefer domestic listings prior to Hong Kong listings for state-owned conglomerates.

The resources shipping unit of Sinotrans Group is planning an IPO on Hong Kong valued at up to $1.3 billion US dollars. The shipping core currently operates bulk carriers and oil tankers and has assets including terminals and storage facilities. Another arm of the group, Sinotrans Limited is already listed as an H share stock in Hong Kong.

A rival in the bulk shipping business, North China Shipping Holdings, a branch of HOSCO or Hebei Ocean Shipping group out of Hebei Province, is already based in Hong Kong and also plans to get in on the IPO action with a listing that may raise $700 million US dollars.

Both companies hope to expand and capitalize on record high freight rates.


Clues to the long-anticipated consolidation of China's iron and steel industries were revealed by Zhang Xiaogang, the head of Anshan Iron & Steel, China's oldest steel conglomerate with iron works dating to 1915. Zhang is also chief of the China Iron and Steel Association so his words are to be heeded. Zhang indicated at the International Iron and Steel Institute conference in Berlin that the central government will close ("phase-out") outdated pig iron and steel capacity within the next three years.

China is far and away the world's iron and steel leader but the industry is scattered all over the country with many small and inefficient operators with insufficient transport access. For examples, there are literally dozens of steel mills in relatively remote inland areas with 2,000 tons or less capacity. Old pig iron and ferroalloy mills also abound.

Zhang spoke of conglomerates with 50 million tons per year capacity so the question is be which of the big iron and steel centers will emerge as the new giants -- Anshan in Liaoning Province? Shanghai and Wuhan? Or Sichuan and Tianjin? If Zhang is right, look for a wave of mergers and acquisitions soon.


Finally, big news on the big oil and gas front: the controversial Pacific Pipeline linking the vast underdeveloped east Siberian oil fields with the Pacific Ocean on the border of China and Russia may soon move forward. An agreement for construction of the pipeline is to be signed in November when Prime Minister Wen Jiabao goes to Moscow according to Russian sources.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov has said the two sides have agreed on construction of a pipeline spur into China from the border city Skovorodino not far from the Heilongjiang river.

Meanwhile China National Petroleum Corporation and Russia's state-owned Rosneft oil concern are still negotiating prices but it is believed China will get development deals as part of the complex arrangements. China National Petroleum is the parent company of PetroChina whose stock trades on the Hong Kong, New York, and Shanghai exchanges, and could benefit hugely by future deals making it even more valuable than it is today.

I'll see you next time!

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