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SARS: Sickening And Repulsive Scam?

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SARS Caused By Fruit Bats?

The Other SARS

What About ARDS In The Netherlands?

All Known Deaths From SARS WORLDWIDE Since The Beginning of the Outbreak In November 2002 Number Only 774

Each day on planet Earth 15,000 people are infected with HIV

THIRTY-SIX THOUSAND people die each year of FLU in the USA alone

A little known ARS outbreak in Congo last November 2002 had 4,000 cases, 500 deaths, and the virus remains unidentified

In 2003, 220 Americans died from WEST NILE VIRUS and over 9,000 were infected
EVERY 30 SECONDS, the MALARIA Virus kills a child in Africa and accounts for 90‰ of child deaths below five years in Black Africa.
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