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The Truth About China
Shanghai Cooperation Organization's DECLARATION

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Details of the September 2003 meeting of Prime Ministers in Beijing.

Can The SCO Become The Most Prominent Multilateral Organization in Eurasia?

Read a Jane's Security article on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Prime Ministers of the six Shanghai Cooperation Organization nations A New Silk Road?

Left, the Prime Ministers at the September 2003 Beijing summit.
What Is The Shanghai Cooperation Organization?

In 1996, China founded a little-known international alliance known as the "Shanghai Five". It consisted of China, Russia, and three Central Asian States once part of the Soviet empire, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, and Tajikistan. The group specifically focused on battling the terrorist threats emanating from Afghanistan and ensuring regional stability. In June 2001, Uzbekistan was invited to join and the group was officially named the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
Although originally dismissed in American intelligence circles as a loose alliance against the proposed National Missile Defense system and described by anti-China fanatics as a Chinese led anti-US "axis", the group is applying for formal recognition from the United Nations and could well be the new cornerstone in any prolonged effort to end the threat of global terrorism.

"We are confident that the example -- of good relations among neighbors and a mutually advantageous partnership across the wide space from Europe to the Pacific Ocean, which the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are demonstrating -- will be positively received by the world community." —Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the conclusion of the summit in June 2001
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