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       Hello, by making it to this page you are either a true sinomaniac, old China hand, or at least interested in learning about China and looking for new and alternative viewpoints on the largest single group of humans on the planet and their continuous civilization.
       I founded Sinomania! in 1993 (under a different name) but its roots go back much further. The web site first appeared in 1998 although earlier versions existed on various free sites as far back as 1994. Sinomania! has survived the great crash but has no reliable revenue stream. If you are interested in helping independent web journalism, you can contribute directly and help Sinomania! stay alive and grow!

       Or you can send an old-fashioned check, cashier's or otherwise, for any amount in USA dollars to our head office along the sunny border between the USA and Mexico:
      PO BOX 124603
      SAN DIEGO CA 92112


       All monies received will be used soley to support the expenses of running Sinomania! and the Beijing2008China web sites.
      I have no idea what the response, if any, will be to this appeal but if you are a regular or even occasional visitor, keep in mind that if enough money is received I aim to expand the web site greatly and guarantee new material every day! And maybe even pay myself a salary someday.
       I am also open to any serious interest in a partnership or sponsorship for Sinomania! or any offers of paid employment as a news writer or journalist on China today.
      Send me an email anytime.

      Ben Calmes
      Founder and CEO, Sinomania!

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